Dream, Courage, Will & Heart Themed Picture Books Organized By Virtue, Trait & Topics

Funding Businesses with Community Programs Helps Rentention & Will Encourage New Businesses to Move Here.

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Consumers gain:

sole access to collectibles, online shopping from thousands of vendors, access to new products,

online shipping discounts, content, embedded products, scarves, soaps from 80 makers,

in store pick ups & deliveries, free quarterly tipping & picture book tours.

Reward points are earned by testing, comparing, rating, reviewing, posting, shopping, adding on & embedding.

Compare socks browsing locally, some businesses sell sets of similar themed socks from different manufacturers.

After testing & comparing earn reward points by grading, rating, ranking or reviewing to create testimonials.

Consumer reward points are doubled for each different product testimonial that gets posted on social media.

Consumer testimonials from testing & comparing, rating or reviewing can lead to manufacturer commissions.

Local customers earn 2% incentive credits to discount in-store shopping from their dropped shipped purchases.

Consumers earn discounts for their embedded items placed in local stores, when items prove to be great sellers.

Circular & direct mail coupons allow customers further discounts on scarves & cover ups & vintage Hawaiian shirts .

The greatest picture books ever written will help kids absorb good morals, virtues & traits at local businesses.

Causes, Purposes or Charities

Revenue from products sold to consumers are shared with businesses, wholesalers, charities & designated causes.

A percentage of the hosts revenue sharing can be assigned to a rotating cycle of local causes, purposes or charities.

Charts on Main Treats will highlight the totals, goals & each of the hosts split percentages for each local cause.


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