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$500 Rare Book

Gned the Knowledgeable Gnome

$200 Rare Books

The Dynamite Book of Top Secret Information Edison the Firefly and the Invention of the Typewriter

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Morph Into Reading Workbook

Phredde & the Purple Pyramid

Spotlight on Liz (A Canadian topliner)

$100 Rare Books

Spot's Bath (bath book)

$50 Rare Books

The Enemy A Book about Peace

Knee - High Nina

The Little Plant Doctor

Long Day November

Navy Seals: What It Takes to Join the Elite

$30 Rare Books

Ah Ha!

The Big Brag

Economy and Industry in Ancient Greece

Leave Horatio Alone

Spot Goes Splash - Bath Book

The Three Wars of Billy Joe Treat

Sports hero, Ron Guidry

$20 Rare Books

Better Roller Skating

Malala Yousafzai Warrior With Words

Mei Li

Miss Fanshawe & The Great Dragon Adventure

Mr. Monkey and the Gotcha Bird

Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom!

Stars and Galaxies (Discoveries in Space Science) - Hardcover

Villains Of The DC Universe Glow In The Dark Sticker Book

Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure - Hardcover

$15 Rare Books

The Bungling Ballerinas

The Family Under The Moon

Karlsson-on-the-Roof - Hardcover

The M & M's Subtraction Book

Minnie and Moo Go To The Moon

My House

Poofy Loves Company

Searching for Sasquatch

Shapes and Colors, No. 4

When Lucy Went Away

$10 Rare Books

The Battle Of Bubble & Squeak

Digger Dog

In & Out - Hardcover

Nikolai, the Only Bear

One Dark Night

Pigs In The Mud In The Middle Of The Rud

Willa and the Wind

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All Rare Kids Books (with ISBN #'s) Wanted For Andover


Basil of Baker Street 9780671417291

Drummer Hoff 9781416908333

Duncan and Dolores 9780689712944

Rosie's Walk 9780689855481

Blue Apple Books

Lines that Wiggle 9781934706541

Shapes That Roll 9781934706817

Boxer Books

Meeow and the Big Box 9781906250867

Candlewick Press

Dimity Dumpty: The Story of Humpty’s Little Sister 9780763630782

Flip's Day 9780744592627

Quack! 9780763648800

Yes! 9780763631833

Dial Book/ Penguin

Baby Danced the Polka 9780803725874

The Bravest of Us All 9780803724099


Rubia and the Three Osos 9781423112525

DK / Dorling Kindersley

My First Busy Home: Let's Look and Learn! 9781409374787

Enchanted Lion

Stephen Biesty's Castles 9781592700318

Farrar, Straus and Giroux / Macmillian

The Champion of Children: The Story of Janusz Korczak 9780374341367

What Charlie Heard 9780374382926

Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan

Ballerina Dreams: A True Story 9780312370299

G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers / Penguin

Car Wash 978039polli9233692

Greenwillow Books/Harper Collins

Sleepytime Rhyme 9780439228817

What Can You Do In The Snow? 9780688160784

Harper Collins Children's Books

Bridge is Up! 9780060537944

Little Oh 9780688142087

My Life with the Wave 9780060562007

Henry Holt and Company / Macmillian

Look at the Baby 9780805065220

The Rabbit's Escape 9780805026757

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/HMH Books for Young Readers

Angelo 9781842708422

My Beak, Your Beak 9780552547659

Overboard! 9780152050467

Red Light, Green Light 9780152025823

The Toll-Bridge Troll 9780152021054

Too Tired 9780152005498

Little Brown Books for Young Readers

New Socks 9780316013574

Red Knit Cap Girl 9780316129466


Peabody 9780803700048

Peas! 9780141502588

Random House

Ducks in Muck 9780375840289

Red Fox Books

George, the Dragon and the Princess 9781862301863

Roaring Brook Press/Neal Porter

Hey Rabbit 9781596435025


Going Home 9780590479592

"I Can't," Said the Ant 9780590020497

Stay Human Books

What I Be 9781424338719

Tricycle Press

I Am a Backhoe 9781582463063

Walker Books

Cowboy Baby 9780763604370


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