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Main Treats Supplies Businesses With Different Picture Books, Soaps, Socks, Scarves & Hawaiian Apparel.

Supplied Businesses & Retail Shops On Our Book Tours Can Also Promote Our Used Books, Rare Books, New & Drop Ship Products, Sell Samplers & Themed Sock Sets.

Consumers Can See Our Posters Promoting Current Attractions In Most Participating Businesses. Our Posters Display Main Treats Locations, Services & Sponsors.

Content Providers

Spliting Our Profits & Revenue Sharing From Sales To Their Readership Motivates Content Providers To Write About Us.

Content Providers Qualify Covering Our Cross Sellers, Drop Shippers, Embedders, Picture Books, Socks, Soaps, Scarves, Hawaiian Apparel, Samplers, Sets or New Product Showcases.

As their readership joins Main Treats the content providers are continuously credited everytime money is spent.

Main Treats also provides data & stories about multiple markets to thousands of content providers that we link to.


After Testing or Comparing, Consumers Use Surveys To Grade, Rank, Rate & Review The Different Products For Main Treats Credits.

All testimonials earn consumers reward points, manufacturer participation varies the amount given for each product.

Each participating manufacturer can reward/tip consumers reward points for giving testimonials.

Consumers commissions will be paid from testimonials that are sold to manufacturers and content providers.

Consumers commissions from sold testimonials can range from $5 and up depending on manufacturer participation.

Social Media

Main Treats rewards to consumers are doubled when consumer testimonials are posted on social media.

The positive reviews from sold testimonials will be highlighted before our transparent listings.

Our database of complete product testimonials are for subscribing participating manufacturers eyes only.

Manufacturers can get discounted consumer testimonials/social media blasts, by co-oping our circulars.

Consumers promote our attractions & events each time they put their product testimonials on social media.

Community Multi Level Marketing

When an embedded item sells well to other consumers, rebates occur for the consumer who placed it.

Our embedding rebates helps to drive existing customers to talk up products to their friends, neighbors and family.

The increased interaction of people at local events encourages communication about locally placed products.

Businesses Distribute Our Drop Ship Circulars

Manufacturers That Work With Embed Local's Main Treats Promote Their Drop Shipped Products Using Locally Distributed Couponed Circulars.

Our Drop Ship Circulars Allow Participating Businesses To Profit From Products Without Warehousing.

The Circulars Will Highlight The Products Being Compared, Tested, Rated & Showcased Around The Area.

Our Circulars Also Contain Coupons For Closeout Scarves & Hawaiian Apparel Featured At Various Local Businesses.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail will be directed towards sought after neighborhoods by targeting different local USPS carrier routes.

Loss leaders & couponed circulars get customers into the host businesses that are part of our co-op direct mail campaigns.

1st loss leaders are Scarves, Tunics, Kimonos, Ruanas, Ponchos, Sarongs & More Shapes & Cover-Ups From Elizabeth Gillett.


Storytelling Will Promote Main Treats Kids Programs

Locations Coming Soon

Click Here For Our Virtual Storytelling Options


Our New Testing Channel For Scented Soaps, Custom Sets & New Products Discover What Wares Really Cut The Mustard.

Testing a wide range of products, provides Main Treats with fact based data & insights on multiple marketplaces.

These data reports are trumped by testimonials gathered from Main Treats trade & consumer social media blasters.

Data Content, Themes & Trends

Using our transparent content, the products on Main Treats will help local businesses shift focus on new revenue.

Our data is refined by watching for new hot items, category growth, flavor shifts and trend movements.

Our content menus help improve our data collecting and steers Main Treats future testing themes.

New Age Options

Organic & natural new age food options are taking the share away from older established traditional brands.

In late 2018, MainTreats will investigate & promote these organic & natural options to further educate consumers.

Combining consumer education and taste testing will let customers find the best products.

Tastings will use samplers embedding & add ons to challenge the handful of brands controlling food distribution.

Data Summary

Our Testing Data Results Will Entice The Purchase Of Varied Products From Many New Sources.

Tracking data generated from big & small players in different markets, helps all businesses run more effectively.


A, B, C, D & F gradings will be included on all surveys.

All grading data will be transparently tallied on graphs and can be purchased as organized hard data.


All products being tested are rated from 1 - 10, with 10 being the best product rating.

All rating data will be transparently tallied on graphs and can be purchased as organized hard data.


Main Treats organizes host testings highlighting all available products.

Hosts choose their top favorite products to be tested at their businesses.

The top 7 products chosen by hosts are ranked.

#1 would be the best product ranking awarded by our hosts.

All ranking data will be transparently tallied on graphs and can be purchased as organized hard data.


Consumer testimonials are traded for reward points at all our attractions.

Consumers testimonial rewards are doubled when consumers post them on social media.

Manufacturers can view all their product testimonials written by consumers, while all transparent reviews can be seen by all.


Embed Local and its consumer site Main Treats does not share any customer personal data just their opinions.

No credit cards, real names, or addresses are stored on any computer, just code named members reward points.

We are not sexist so why ask a members sex? we don't discriminate to the young or old so we don't classify you.

All email and phone contact with Embed Local must be done by adults, your data is seen by owner only & coded.

Beta Testing Starts

Similar, new, added on & embedded products will beta test in Sussex, Morris & Warren county businesses.

Our attractions promotes Main Treats adding on & embedding of books, soaps & socks.

Small Brands

Besides buying from distributors, Main Treats buys products direct from small brands with little or no distribution.

Small brands are given the opportunity to be tested and sold using samplers & new product showcases.

Strong testing data from small labels, can attract the attention of distributors, vending companies & big brands.


Circulars On Our Picture Book Tours & Product Trails Discount Our Scented Soaps, Themed Socks & Door Busters

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