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Vegas Casino Chips,

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10 - 12 Cent DC Comics,

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Inserts & Ancient Ads from Variety Newspaper,

Oodles of Branded Keychains, Pins, Buttons & Much More

My Love For History Started When I Discovered 3 Books In The Salem Mass Library.

Passages In These Books Lead Me Up Normans Rocks To The Peak Of Gallows Hills.

I Found A Large Decline Where The Falsely Accused Could See The Sea From The Gallows.

I Started To Dig In The Backyard Of Some Haunted Homeowner On Grafton Street & I Found The Spot.

Notice The Groove That Held The Gallows Hanging Boards In Place.

Based On What I Found On The Ground Some Witches Were Actually Burnt.

These Historic Artifacts Still Lie Underground On Gallows Hill - Obscured, Abandoned & Forgotten.