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Create Subscriptions Or Custom Sets Of Picture Books, Soaps, Socks & Foods.

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Refills of favorited items can be locally delivered, shipped using USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or picked up from local cross sellers, or embedded onto the shelves of local NW New Jersey stores.



Picture books can be chosen after touring several of our book towns.

Consumers choose socks from any of the companies they wish, choose the order and duration.

Consumers can choose any soaps from any of the companies they wish, choose the order and duration.

Order Books, Socks or Soaps

Buy Our Scented Soap Samplers Or Pick Your Own Custom Sets To Get Free Scarves

Buy 2 Samplers Or 2 Custom Sets & Add Another Free Scarf Or One Of Our Free Hawaiian Shirts.

Buy 4 Samplers Or Pick 4 Scented Soap Custom Sets & Add One Of Our Free Cover Ups, Besides the 4 Scented Scarves.

Buy 5 Samplers Or Pick 5 Scented Soap Custom Sets & Add One Of Our Free Muu Muus, Besides the 5 Scented Scarves.

Customize your Custom Sets or Subscriptions Using Scents, Themes & Moralities

Follow Our Self Guided Book Tours Into Main Street Businesses Selling Our Soaps, Socks & Scarves

All book themes, book titles & picture book locations will be listed by town.

Some picture books are placed & rotated in businesses and medical offices where the same kids often visit.

After Touring Our Picture Book Towns, Consumers Can Pick Their Own Themed Book Sets or Subscriptions.

Scented soaps are placed into local business to give customers aromatic buying options.

Scented soap samplers contain similar scented soaps from 6 different USA soap manufacturers.

Consumers grade, rate & rank the soaps and selects a favorite that we can embed locally.

Participating local stores will highlight, promote & sell themed socks.

All sock manufacturers themes were recently compiled, logged, seperated & pictured.

Local participating stores use our sock site to browse the themes of almost every sock on the market.

Local businesses can select & sell any themed socks their store, restaurant or business best relates to.

A sponsor will pay for the 1st pair of socks for each participating business to jump start this community project.

Besides the books, socks & soaps businesses feature different scarves & vintage Hawaiian apparel as doorbusters.

Buying Themed Sets

Manufacturers socks can be clustered in customized sets, by subscription or in any way a consumer desires.

Consumers follow our sock themes to create their own custom sets for purchase or buy socks pair by pair locally.

Consumers follow our book themes or take our local picture book trails to see kids books & create their own sets.

Consumers will follow our scented soap themes & visit our scented businesses to buy soaps & create custom sets.

Consumers test and review different sets of products to determine their favorite company for each product category.

Consumers pick a favorite manufacturer from any competing companies to earn a 5% discount on future purchases.

Future purchases from companies determined favorites & embedded are discounted when products sell well.

Some product testing could last years, with quarterly rewards for all consumer data provided.

Every quarter for years consumers can continue to rate/grade the different brands of socks from the set.

Which Brands Shrunk? Got Holes? Became Stretched Out? Faded the Most? Which Manufacturer Is Your Favorite?

Creating Themed Subscriptions

Themed Socks breaks down themes so customers can choose the socks they want for their subscriptions.

Why be suprised from your monthly mystery sock subscriptions, choose manufacturers & patterns by theme.

Create book subscriptions by following our local picture book trails or browsing our book themes.

All the listed books on our picture book tours are recommended by sites, awards & libraries.

Our scented themes & businesses selling similar scented soaps will help consumers create scented subscriptions.

New scented products will be added to keep businesses and our scented samplers smelling rosy.

First Products Coming Soon

Much More Coming When We Launch


Circulars On Our Picture Book Tours & Product Trails Discount Our Scented Soaps, Themed Socks & Door Busters

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