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vertebrates: amphibians - Frogs, birds - Birds, Ducks, Flamingos, Ostriches, Owl, Penguins, Roosters, cephalopods - Octopuses, crustaceans - Crabs, Lobsters, fishes - Fish, Seahorses, Sharks, leporidae - Rabbits, mammals - carnivores - Bears, Cats, Dogs, Grumpy Cat, Leopards, Lions, Pandas, Tigers, Wolves, mammals - cetaceans - Dolphins, Whales, mammals - primates - Monkeys, mammals - proboscidea - Elephants, marsupials - Kangaroos, mephitids - Skunks, reptiles - Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, Snakes, Turtles, rodents - Beavers, ungulates - Cows, Deer, Donkeys, Elk, Giraffes, Goats, Horses, Llamas, Moose, Pigs, Sheep, Zebras, mythical - Bigfoot, Dragons, Kraken, Pegasus/Unicorns, More Vertebrates/Creatures.

vertebrates & other creatures

amphibians -


Blue Frogs - Good Luck Socks, Tree Frogs - JHJ Design, Frog Legs - Soxfords, Frogs - Unsimply Stitched, Frog - Unsimply Stitched.



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BARBOUR MAVIN - Barbour Golden Gulls - Freaker Rainforest Toucan - Good Luck Socks IRIS APFEL BIRDS - Happy Socks New artist peacock trend green - JHJ Design PARROT - K. Bell Crows by Paul Windsor - Native Northwest All Over Pheasants - Scott-Nichol Hangry Birds - Sock It To Me Boobies - Socksmith It Takes Two To Cancan - Soxks Grey Cockatoo Motif - Topman TOUCAN - Unsimply Stitched


Flame Stitch - Goldtoe, Flying Mallard Ducks - Good Luck Socks, Ducks - Hot Sox,

4th Class Mandarin Duck - JHJ Design, 7th Class Great Manderin Duck - JHJ Design, Ducks Unlimited Camo - Jefferies/Ducks Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited Heavy Merino Wool - Jefferies/Ducks Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited All Season - Jefferies/Ducks Unlimited, MALLARD DUCK - K. Bell, Mallard Movement - Socksmith, Just Ducky - Soxfords, Black Duck Motif - Topman.


VICE - Checkerbox, Shrimp Pimp - Freaker, Mint Flamingo Party - Good Luck Socks, Flamingo Party - Good Luck Socks, BBC FLAMINGO ATHLETIC - Happy Socks, PALM FLAMINGO - K. Bell, FLAMINGO STRIPE - Original Penguin/Perri Ellis, Flamingo - Socksmith, Flamingos - Socksmith, Flamingo Green - Sock It To Me, The Pink Flamingo - Soxks, Flamingo Socks - Thomas Pink, FLAMINGO DITSY - Unsimply Stitched, Flamingo Sublimation - Yo Sox.


Ostrich Mugshot - Good Luck Socks, Ostrich Run - Socksmith, Ostrich Run Teal - Socksmith.


Hooters - Freaker, Owl with Glasses - Hot Sox, OWL CUTE - HUF, Great Horned Owl - JHJ Design, Owl by Eric Parnell - Native Northwest, Great Horned Owls - Socksmith, Great Horned Owl Black - Socksmith.


Penguin - Foot Traffic, Puffy - Freaker, Wild Life - Penguin - JHJ Design, The Jazzoo - School of Sock, Penguin Blue Multi - Unsimply Stitched, Penguin Ditsy - Unsimply Stitched, PENGUIN Red Mult - Unsimply Stitched, Penguin Ditsy Blue - Unsimply Stitched.


Sock Sucker - Freaker, Purple Roosters - Good Luck Socks, COCK CREW - Huf, Rooster Motif - Paul Stuart, Sock a Doodle Doo - Sock It To Me, Early Riser - Socksmith, Early Risers - Socksmith.



OCTOPUS - K. Bell, Underwater Explorer - Sock It To Me


Squid-O - Sock It To Me, Blue Squiddin Me Slogan - Topman.



Crab Stripe - Unsimply Stitched, Crab Stripes - Unsimply Stitched.


Blue Reb Lobster - Bold Socks, Lobster Boil - Soxfords, Lobster Stripe - Unsimply Stitched, Red Lobster - Yo Sox.



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Yellow Blue Fishing - Bold Socks McFly - Darn Tough Fishing Lure - Foot Traffic Fish You Were Here - Freaker Blue Fish - Good Luck Socks Diagonal Stripe Fish - Hot Sox Balistoides conspicillum - JHJ Design EXOTIC FISH - K. Bell SOCKEYE SALMON - Mod Socks Salmon in the Wild by Simone Diamond - Native Northwest NARWHALS - Neon Eaters Drifting Koi - Ozone ANGLER - Richer Poorer Catch of the Day - Sock It To Me Gone Fishing - Socksmith Gone Fishin' - Soxfords The Ones That Got Away - Soxks FISHY - Wright Avenue

Sea Horses

Seahorses - Hot Sox, Waterworld - Hippocampus - JHJ Design, SEA HORSES - Unsimply Stitched.


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SHARKFISH - B.Ella Blue Grey Sharks - Bold Socks Shark Tube -Freaker Sharks - Good Luck Socks Pop Art - Shark - JHJ Design SHARKS CREW - K. Bell FRICKEN LASERS - Neon Eaters GREAT WHITE - Red Lion Love Bites - Sock It To Me King Size Shark Attack - Socksmith Green Random Shark - Topman Shark Ditsy - Unsimply Stitched Blue Shark - Yo Sox



BUNNY CUTE - Huf, Animal Pop Art - Rabbit - JHJ Design, Wild Life - Red Rabbit - JHJ Design, ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Out Of Print, RABBIT DITSY - Unsimply Stitched, RABBIT DITSY RED - Unsimply Stitched.

mammals - carnivores,


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Grey Yellow Bear - Bold Socks Bears - Foot Traffic Global Warming Polar Bear - Good Luck Socks BEAR CUTE - Huf 5th Class Bear - JHJ Design WIDE MOUTH BEAR - K. Bell GIVE A BEAR A FISH - Mod Socks Bear by Ben Houstie - Native Northwest Bear Necessities - Sock It To Me HANGRY BEAR - Socksmith


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Tom Cat Cruise - Freaker Cat Party - Good Luck Socks Cool Cat - Hot Sox Pop Art - Cat - JHJ Design GRUMPY CAT MUSTACHE - K. Bell Cats Ankle - Killstar PIANO CAT - Mod Socks OFWGKTA CAT - Odd Future The Cat - School of Sock Kitten - Sweetfeet CATS Blue Multi - Unsimply Stitched


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Blue Grey Dog - Bold Socks Corgi Dog Pattern - Corgi Labrador - Foot Traffic Doggie Style - Freaker Hipster Dog - Good Luck Socks AAT BROTHERS BULLDOG - Happy Socks Dachshunds - Hot Sox Basset Hound - JHJ Design BEST FRIEND - K. Bell * LABRADOR MENS - Mod Socks The Dog - School of Sock Lowesby - All Over Dogs - Scott-Nichol Go Fetch! - Sock It To Me K9 Unit - Socksmith Dachshund's Dilemma - Soxfords Grey Terrier - Topman DOG - Unsimply Stitched Paw Prints - Yo Sox


Fox Pattern - Corgi, Fox Fair Isle - Hot Sox, Fox Run - Sock It To Me, Zero Fox Given - Socksmith.


BLOCK LEOPARD - Happy Socks, BLOCK LEOPARDS - Happy Socks, Animal Skins - Leopard - JHJ Design, 3rd Class Leopard - JHJ Design, Wild Life - Snow Leopard - JHJ Design, Snow Leopard - Ozone, Snow Leopard Fleece - Polar Feet, JAGUAR - Red Lion.


2nd Class Lion - JHJ Design, Wild Life - Lion - JHJ Design, BOSS LION - Mod Socks, * LION KING ATHLETIC - Mod Socks, * LION - Mod Socks, Camo of Kings - Sock It To Me, Lions Grabiniok - Thomas Pink, Lions Hulberto - Thomas Pink, Tallis - Thomas Pink, Tallis Blue - Thomas Pink.


Pandas Riding Bikes - Good Luck Socks, Boxing Pandas - Good Luck Socks, Panda Storm - Good Luck Socks, Wild Life - Panda - JHJ Design.


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tiger - Gucci, Animal Skins - Tiger -JHJ Design FIERCE TIGER - Mod Socks SOCK-TGF - Pac West MX WILDCAT - Red Lion Tyger Tyger - Sock It To Me


Grey Teal Howling Wolves - Bold Socks, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing - Foot Traffic, Wolf of LOL St. - Freaker, Wolf Boot - Hot Sox, SEA WOLF - K. Bell, Wolf by lessLIE - Native Northwest, Howl at the Moon - Sock It To Me, Wolves - Socksmith, Wolf Brown - Socksmith.

mammals - cetaceans


Blue Dolphins - Bold Socks, PASTA ONER DOLPHIN - Happy Socks, Waterworld - Dolphin - JHJ Design, JASPER - Odd Future, JASPER DOLPHIN - Odd Future.


Blue White Whales - Bold Socks, Whales - Hot Sox, Humpback Whales by Ben Houstie - Native Northwest, Pink Fresh Whale - Topman, WHALES BLUE - Unsimply Stitched, WHALES RED - Unsimply Stitched, * Blue Killer Whales - Yo Sox.

mammals - primates


Gorilla - Foot Traffic, Sock Monkey - Foot Traffic, FATIGUE FIGHTER MONKEY - Fox River, Wild Life - Gorilla - JHJ Design, MONKEY BIZ - Mod Socks, Monkeying Around - Sock It To Me, Darwin Strong - Sock It To Me, * Blue Monkey Business - Socksmith, Monkey - Thomas Pink, Teal Monkey Motif - Topman.

mammals - proboscidea


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Blue Red Elephants - Bold Socks Pop Art - Elephant - JHJ Design REPUBLICAN - K. Bell The Right Wing - School of Sock Seeing Pink - Soxfords Pink Elephants - Soxks Elephant - Thomas Pink ELEPHANTS - Unsimply Stitched



CROCODILE - K. Bell, Crocodiles - Socksmith, Crocodiles Black - Socksmith.


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Teal Grey T-Rex Dinosaur - Bold Socks Dirt Nap - Freaker, Black T-Rex Dinosaur - Good Luck Socks Apatosaurus Brontosaurus - JHJ Design * I GOT THIS - Mod Socks TACOSAURUS - Sock It To Me King Size Raptor - Socksmith T-Rex Slogan - Topman Dinosaur Crew - Yo Sox


SNAKE - Happy Socks, SNAKES - Happy Socks, FADED SNAKE - Happy Socks, FADED SNAKES - Happy Socks, WIDE MOUTH SNAKE - K. Bell, HECHO - Stance, MIKE GRAY X JAKE SCHAIBLE - Stinky.


Tortoise & the Hair - Freaker, Waterworld - Sea Turtle - JHJ Design, Orange Turtley Amazing - Topman, TURTLE - Unsimply Stitched, TURTLE BLUE - Unsimply Stitched, Turtles Blue - Unsimply Stitched.



Canada Beaver - Good Luck Socks, Majestic Canadian Beaver - Good Luck Socks.



Buffalo - Hot Sox, * BUFFALOS - Mod Socks, * Yellow Buffalo - Socksmith.


Alien Abduction - Foot Traffic, Cows - Good Luck Socks, Cowsox - Polar Feet, PARATROOPER - Wright Avenue Skiing Cows - Yo Sox.


Uncle Buck - Darn Tough, Deers - Good Luck Socks, Antlers - Sock It To Me, * Navy Coral Deer - Unsimply Stitched, DEER DITSY - Unsimply Stitched, Buck- Whitetail - Zkano, Buck- Whitetails - Zkano, Buck- Whitetail Crew - Zkano.


Donkey Show - Freaker, Blue Donkeys - Good Luck Socks, DEMOCRAT - K. Bell, KICK ASS - K. Bell, SMART ASS - K. Bell, The Left Wing - School of Sock.


CARIBOU - Ballonet, Elk - Hot Sox, PRANCER - Huf.


Giraffe - Good Luck Socks, Animal Pop Art - Giraffe - JHJ Design, Animal Skins - Giraffe - JHJ Design, Wild Life - Giraffe - JHJ Design, Giraffe pattern - Ozone, GIRAFFE Green Blue - Unsimply Stitched.


Hall and Goats - Freaker, GLOATING GOAT - Socksmith, Gloating Goats - Socksmith.


Twin Horses - Good Luck Socks, Racing Horses - Hot Sox, Race Horses - Hot Sox, Wrangler Horse - Jefferies, Equestrian - JHJ Design, Arabian horse - JHJ Design.


Llama - Foot Traffic, Wild Life - Llama - JHJ Design, Llama Drama - Sock It To Me.


Rustic Moose - Foot Traffic, Canada Moose - Good Luck Socks, Moose - Sock It To Me, MOOSE Blue Coral - Unsimply Stitched, MOOSES - Wright Avenue.


Jean Claude Van Ham - Freaker, Three Little Pigs - Good Luck Socks, Green Pigs - Good Luck Socks, Animal Pop Art - Pig - JHJ Design.


Wolf in Sheeps Clothing - Foot Traffic, Sheep - Good Luck Socks, Black Sheep - Soxks.


WILD - Checkerbox, MULTI ZEBRA - Happy Socks, MULTI ZEBRAS - Happy Socks, Animal Skins - Zebra - JHJ Design, Wild Life - Zebra - JHJ Design, Black And White Zebra Camo - Topman.


Mythical - Bigfoot

Big Foot Sweater - Sock It To Me, Sasquatch Crews - Sock It To Me, King Size Bigfoot - Socksmith, King Size Bigfoot Green - Socksmith, BIGFOOT - Sourpuss.

Mythical - Dragons

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Welsh Dragon - Corgi, Dragon - Foot Traffic Blue and White Dragon - JHJ Design Dragon & Unicorn Socks - Pals.